Vision & Mission

Our Mission is to Produce Successful, Independent Children Capable of Reaching Their Ultimate Potential

UP Academy will cultivate a generation of creative, curious, free thinking, problem solvers through an education that embraces differing abilities.

Our neuro-development program will transform inclusion education with an integrated therapeutic method that views both life skills and academic achievement with equal value.

Innovation, Empathy and Strength Drive Everything We Do

Eliza taught us to be strong, to be kind and to always do our best.  Tap In Talents has taught us to be kind, be respectful and have fun. Harold teaches us to stay curious about our differences and be mindful and open in our approach and attitude

UP Academy strives to live our values of innovation, empathy and strength every day through understanding that failure is a part of learning, students need to study things that interest them and it is our responsibility to do our best to impart the skills necessary for our students to excel in an ever changing world and workforce.

Up Academy fuses the best of the one room schoolhouse model with today’s technology allowing for student driven curriculum that has boundless possibilities!

We teach and model that each of us has as unique perspective and experience we should celebrate and learn from. We seek collaboration and understanding to make the world a place that values the positive contributions we can all make.

Strength encompasses our inner and outer vibrancy. Emotional intelligence, the body’s health, physical strength and mental determination are all are supported by our one-of-a-kind curriculum.


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