Our Students Excel in Academics and are Emotionally Intelligent

Academics, emotional learning and physical movement are the basis of our progressive, elementary lab school.

The one room schoolhouse model allows your child to experience small mixed age classes. Project based learning, inquiry based learning, differentiated learning, and our neurodevelopment program allow teachers to encourage curiosity, creative thinking, peer mentoring and academic excellence - as students collaborate, create, play and learn together.

Our Students Acquire Deep Knowledge Through Experience

By integrating the one room schoolhouse model with project based learning, differentiated learning, and neurodevelopment, we make it possible for able bodied and physically disabled students to thrive together. There is no Special Ed here - students with diverse abilities, personalities and goals are together in the same classroom.

Our approach will cultivate a generation of creative, curious, free thinking, problem solvers through an education that embraces differing abilities.

Rigorous academics are a cornerstone of students’ development and advancement at UP Academy. Working with their advising educator, each student creates a learning plan. Educators help students plan and direct their studies to match their goals. Students participate in projects to enhance learning, gain new skills and make academics relevant.

Project Based Learning - students explore concepts through experiences and apply what they learn to solve problems and reflect on the results, receiving instruction along the way. This dynamic, inquiry based method is the opposite of rote memorization.

Differentiated Learning - our teachers tailor their approach to match each student’s individual learning style. Students take in information, analyze ideas and express what they learn - as they progress together toward their goals. This inclusive method is the opposite of the “one size fits all” approach.

Inquiry Based Learning - by asking questions and developing the skills to research and find their own answers we build students confidence while encouraging their curiosity.

Neurodevelopment Program - We believe every child is capable of reaching independence and gaining the skills necessary to be successful in life - we help our disabled students achieve this via our commitment to assumed competence, conductive education, and collaboration. This is the opposite of Special Ed.

Emotional intelligence requires self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. When young students develop and practice these qualities, they have the ability to work well with others and are effective in leading change.

Physical Movement improves the flow of blood in the brain, helping students to learn more easily. Exercise improves mood which creates a positive effect on cognitive functioning and emotional intelligence. In addition, movement stimulates production of muscle protein and the genes responsible for learning and memory. Kids need to move, it energizes and revitalizes so they can focus and learn.

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