The UP Academy Difference

Our Educational Models Bring Out The Uniqueness of Every Student


Our goal is to help students to reach their ultimate potential. For some students that's standing up, it's learning up, it's moving up, it's reaching up. It’s about looking to achieve more and always do your best so you can reach your ultimate potential.

We believe that a good educational model isn't everyone getting the same thing, it's everyone getting what they need to be successful.  

Inclusion is a philosophy of acceptance and flexibility.

  • Each student stands out and is celebrated for her or his differences and contributions.

  • Students with disabilities to attend school alongside able-bodied students.

  • Each  student receives the instruction and support they need to succeed as learners and to achieve to high standards.

The modern one room schoolhouse model is based in differentiated learning, project based learning, and collaboration.

  • Each student gets his or her own learning plan, works collaboratively with children of different ages, is encouraged to be an individual learner and gets the support he or she needs at the right moment.

  • All of our students are expected to work together on projects they help create.  Working together with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses builds a growth mindset and creates empathetic action.  

  • All of our students learn together, learn from each other, solve problems, and collaborate on larger projects together. This model has been proven to ease students’ transitions through grade levels and allow them to learn and work to their full capacity.

Our unique neurodevelopment program incorporates Conductive Education, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech Therapy supported by adaptive learning materials and technology to support each student.  It is fully integrated into the school day so no lessons or ideas are missed and peer interaction and collaboration is maximized. We may be able to offer additional therapeutic services depending on availability.

Our unique programs utilize and draw from common core, NGSS, ISTE, CASEL and other standards in educational excellence.


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