Frequently Asked Questions

Is UP Academy’s style of teaching and learning individualized or differentiated?

We focus on each individual student in terms of helping them set goals and become agents of their own learning. In the classroom, our teachers use differentiated learning - they  tailor their approach to match each student’s individual learning style.

Students take in information, analyze ideas and express what they learn - as they progress together toward their goals. This inclusive model is the opposite of the “one size fits all” approach.

Differentiated learning is a big part of how we accomplish running a school where there is no special ed, where able-bodied and differently-abled kids work together.

What is the difference between UP Academy and Special Ed?

The short answer to this question is, we don’t believe in Special Ed. We believe that education for all children should be special.

The entire student body of UP Academy is fully integrated. All children learn and play together. We are able to accomplish this because our Neurodevelopment Program is specifically designed to support children who need it, and our educational and physical therapy teams work together to accommodate different learning styles and physical needs.

If you are the parent of a disabled child, there is no Special Ed room here. Your child is expected to, and will, learn and play together with able bodied kids, and have the same expectations for academic excellence and functional life skills.

If you are the parent of an able bodied child, your child is expected to, and will, learn and play together with disabled kids and have the same expectations for academic excellence and functional life skills.

We believe that, when given expectations, all kids are capable of rising to meet them. Each child has an educational advisor that they work with on goals.

We strive to have our values of innovation, empathy and strength present every day, so all of our students learn to create, work and play with kids who are different from them and who learn differently.

How will a mixed age environment support my child’s development?

In a mixed age environment, students are able to take on the role of both the student and the teacher by working with kids who are both older and younger than they are.

Students who take on the role of a teacher master the information at a high intellectual level, and learn to communicate it well so younger students can understand. The teaching role also builds self esteem, helps them develop mastery and immerses them in active learning.

Students who learn from their peers engage in activities or investigations they would not have been able to accomplish if they've been grouped with kids their own age. Kids get to stretch and expand their ideas of what's possible when they're learning from their peers.

Mixed age classes provide the ability to work with lots of students of different abilities, resulting in a deeper and richer educational experience.

The majority of our educators have masters degrees in the fields in which they are teaching. Most of them have decades of experience. We also have a consultant team of educators that comes in who have worked for decades in elementary education - to help mentor and support our newer teachers to fully integrate project based learning, inquiry and student agency into our curriculum.

We believe that building a relationship with your child is really the number one key to their success. And so, our educators work hard to connect with each and every one of their students.

What are the qualifications of your Educators?

Yes. Our curriculum is drawn from common core, ISTE, NGSS and others. We make sure that all of our students are getting a well-rounded, rigorous academic education that will prepare them for middle school and beyond.

Will my child learn at the appropriate grade level?

Do You Provide Snacks or Lunch? We do not provide any food or snacks.

Our goal is to help students reach their ultimate potential. For some students that’s standing up. For other it’s learning up. Moving up. Reaching up. It’s looking to achieve more and always do your best so you can reach that ultimate potential.

The UP in UP Academy stands for ultimate potential.

How did you come up with the name of the school?