Neurodevelopment Program

We Believe Every Child is Capable of Success

Our unique Neuro-development program is the first in the world focused on children with neuromotor challenges, including cerebral palsy and brain injury.

Assumed competence we believe that when children are given expectations they can thrive. If your child has been in a special class, has never been challenged, or the current educators are unsure of his or her ability to learn, this model will be new to you, and new to your child. In order to fulfill our commitment to assume competence in every student, your child may be granted a trial acceptance to make sure it’s a great fit. But we’ve found over and over that, when given expectations, most students rise to meet them.

Conductive education empowers students to find solutions to everyday problems. It is a multi-disciplinary approach that focuses on the specific student’s personality and learning style - allowing each child to see himself or herself as self reliant. A conductor is someone who has been trained to work confidently with children with neurological conditions. Our conductors at UP Academy shape the way a student interacts with his or her environment.

Physical therapists aid with mobility, play and strength.

Occupational therapists assist with fine motor skills, feeding, art, music, writing and life skills.

Speech-language pathologists engage with communication, language, feeding, writing, and AAC/AT.

  • All of these pieces are seamlessly integrated throughout the school day to keep learning relevant, to maintain time with peers, and to maintain continuity of class and project learning. When the skills are learned in time with class, with peers, their relevance becomes meaningful and students gain functional skills faster.

Collaboration requires all of our students to work together on projects that they help to create.  Working together with different abilities, strengths and weaknesses builds a growth mindset and creates empathetic action.  All of our students learn together, learn from each other, solve problems together and collaborate on larger projects together. 


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